Santoor Magic



More than 30 years of performance experience and studies of Indian music, still continuing as a life long mission.
1975 Swami Haridas Sangeet Samaroha (Music Festival) – Bombay (India).
1977 First Europe - Concert tour (Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Norway - Sweden…).
1985 International Friedenskonferenz (Peace conference) – Colon (Germany).
1987 Festival of India- Tour in USSR.
1988 Times of India Music Festival at Calcutta (India), Savoy Theatre – Helsinki (Finland).
1989 World Music Festival – Helsinki (Finland)
1990 Music Homage to Maharaja (King) Sayajirao of Baroda (India).
1991 Parampara (Tradition) Festival of Indian Music at House of World Cultures Berlin- (Germany).
1992 Stockholm Jazz Festival – Stockholm (Sweden).
1993 International Hackbrett Festival Munich Philharmonic – Munich (Germany).
1995 “Orient 95” International Festival of eastern Music – Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia).
1996 Okarina World Music Festival at Bled (Slovenia).
1997 Presents the world Premiere of “Anandkari” A concerto for Santoor and Chamber Orchestra, by Nandkishor Muley & kari Juusela. Elizabeth Hall Stetson University Florida (USA), on 16th Feb 1997 at Knowles Chapel Rollins College – Orlando (USA).
1999 International Cimbalom Festival – Gent (Belgium) & Utrecht (Holland). 5th Leipzig Weltweit Music festival at Rai Haus Centere for world culture- Leipzig (Germany).
2000 International Folk & Jazz Festival – Budapest (Hungary). “Cultura e Spettacoli Intercomunali “ International Cultural Events at Stabio (Switzerland).
2001 23rd Jan. An Enchanting Evening of Veena & Santoor Jugalbandi (Duet), at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore (India).10th Nov. “Rainbow Over Dance Theatre Skies” at City museum Dahlem, Berlin (Germany).
2002 1st Dec. North & South Indian Music Duet (Santoor & Flute) at Eglise Saint Therese, Paris (France).
2004 29th May. Concert of Indian Classical Music, at Florida Atlantic University, Bocaraton (USA).16th Dec. Santoor Evening at India Habitat Centre, New Dehli (India).
2005 2nd April. “Gyori Nemezetkozi Utos Festival” at Gyor (Hungary). 30th April. Performed for Flamenco Festival at Berlin Phillharmonei, Berlin (Germamny). 20th & 21st Aug. Indian Cultural Festival at Cultural Museum Basel,
Basel (Switzerland).
2006 17th Feb. Performance with Flamenco Music & Dance at Berlin Phillharmonei, Berlin (Germany). 8th April. “Jazztavasz 2006” (Jazz and Ethno Music Festival) at Budapest, Budapest (Hungary).
Discography: Indian classical.
Nandkishor Muley - Music India OnLine Nandkishor Muley. Artist: Nandkishor Muley Instrument: Santoor · Raga Kausi Dhwani - Alap & Gat Raag: Kausi Taal: Teen Taal · Raga Yaman - Alap, Jod, ...
The Resplendent Sound Of Indian Santur. 1994- (Living Musical Traditions by International Institute for Traditional Music Berlin & Museum of Folk Arts Hamburg- Germany). Raga- Bangal Bhairav, Raga- Brindavani Sarang, Raga- Marva, Raga- Malkauns. Tabla- Fazal Qureshi.
Blossoms Of Raga. Live concert recording of Nuremberg Germany. 1996- Raga- Kirwani. Tabla- Abhijit Banerjee.
Shathabdi Cassette Library Nandkishor Muley Santoor  
World Music CD’s: Recordings with Fusion group MYNTA.
Mynta "Indian Times" 1990 Vera Bra Records, Cologne (Germany).
Mynta “Hot Madras” 1991 MNW Records, (Sweden).
Mynta “Nandu’s Dance” 1994 Xource Records (Sweden) & 1996 Blue Flame Record (Germany).
Mynta “First Summer” 1997 Rub-A-Dub Records (Sweden).
Mynta “Cool Nights” 2001 Virgin Records (Sweden).
Rising Sun 2002.Indian classical music is improvised. Western classical music is generally composed. So when Panaiotis and Nandkishor Muley collaborated, they used their own traditions in the development of these works.
Spa Song Santur - Ancient Meditation Music From India. Santur master Nandkishor Muley interprets Vedic compositions from India that are steeped in thousands of years of tradition. This lush music is performed on ...
The International Cimbalom Festival The international Cimbalom Festival was recorded live at the Warande in Turnhout, Belgium, 5th May 1999. In 2001, EREA Records (MWCD 4031) publish this CD.
International Hackbrett festival (Volume-2) Recorded by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Radio Germany). Pantaleon Records (PTR 102925). 2004.
Television & Radio Programs
I have given a number of television & radio programs/lectures, which have been popular and repeatedly sought after on the  issues of culture and literature.
Santoor Deborah Phillips / Germany / 1998 / Animation/ Experimental / 13'00 / 35 mm Film.
A musical odyssey in three parts. While Nandkishor Muley plays his Santoor, he moves between types of music - Eastern and Western. He dances through ornamental realms of the imagination. A consecration of life beyond borders.
Collaborated Musical Work With:
  • Dr. Kari Juusela is a Finnish/American composer, performer and educator who is presently the Dean of the Professional Writing Division at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. “Anandkari” for Santoor and chamber orchestra, and “Premasutra” for Santoor, cello, and orchestra (both co-composed in 1997-98).
  • Dr. Panaiotis is a composer singer and as performer of computer assisted performance electronics. Created Rising Sun, a CD of works that blend Indian and Western musical styles. (2002).
  • "The Day Slows Down as It Progresses" by Thomas Bartels (Germany 2000), is a kaleidoscopic combination of picturesque images from India and it’s about making Pictures. Wolfgang in der Wiesche and vocal recordings made by the Berlin-based musician Nandkishor Muley created the sound track.
  • Ramayana in German theatre Premiere on 21 February 2004 for the first time in the history of German Theater, an Indian epic has been presented as an audio-visual play.
  • Music was composed by Berlin-based Indian Santoor player Nandkishor Muley and Clifford Schwartz, was played by the Robert-Schumann-Philharmonic of Chemnitz.